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To let the parents find the local Chinese language school easily, we are very welcome U.K. Chinese language schools to leave their basic school information on our website. Please click the button down the left side of this page.  It will only take you about 2 minutes to complete the form. We will have a quick review to make sure the information is completed without any typing error.  Then we will post it on our school list.  Please note, we can’t guarantee all the school information are correct and updated.  It is language school’s responsibility to fill the form carefully and update school information in time.

Special note: South of England refers to 5 regions. They are West midlands, East Midlands, East of England, South West and South East.   North of England refers to 3 regions.  They are North West, North East,Yorkshire and the Humber.  London Metro. refers to the areas within M25.

为了给家长们能够更方便的找到当地的中文学校,我们欢迎英国的中文学校把自己学校的基本情况在这里做一个简单介绍。请点击左下角的链接,花大约两分钟的时间输入学校信息提交即可。为了信息安全我们后台会有一个简单的审查程序。例如信息是否完整,填写内容有无笔误等等。审核完成后,我们会提交学校信息。大家就可以了解到贵校的基本情况了。 在此请注意,本网站不对学校信息的真实和时效性负责。请在填写时仔细确认并尽量及时更新贵校的信息。

特别说明:英格兰南部是指5个大行政区分别是West midlands, East Midlands, East of England, South West 和South East. 英格兰北部是指3个大行政区分别是North West, North East 和 Yorkshire and the Humber. 因为伦敦大都市地区中文学校比较多,所以在伦敦及M25之内的中文学校我们都单独归入了伦敦大都市地区学校.

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